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What everyday items causes static electricity on an object?

 What everyday items causes static electricity on an object?

Almost everything. The triboelectric effect causes charges to transfer merely from two surfaces coming into contact and being pulled away again. They don’t really need to be rubbed, it isn’t from friction. Rubbing is just a fast way to make and break contact many times.

If you have one of these noncontact AC voltage testers:

Just rub or tap it on your shirt and it will beep momentarily as static charge is built-up and discharges. It will go crazy if you rub your cat with it, or your hair if you’ve just washed it. That is due to the Triboelectric effect between the plastic on the tip and whatever you’ve touched or rubbed it on.

Then those charged surfaces can transfer charge to another object by contact or even by something called electrostatic induction. A charged object brought near a neutral object causes charges to flow on the surface of the neutral object. Some other object may draw some of that charge away, so that when the original charged object is moved away, the initially neutral object is now charged.

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