Monday, July 8, 2024

What led you to break ties with your best friend?

 What led you to break ties with your best friend?

I turned in his abuser.

My best friend (since kindergarten) told me about this guy that lived in his neighborhood who would invite only very specific “special” boys over to his house. They’d go swimming, go kart riding, play games, have ice cream and cake, and … wrestle naked while he watched. And sometimes he’d get naked, too.

He would buy them stuff, my best friend made me promise not to say anything to his parents about the new bike he had. The whole thing was supposed to be kept secret from everyone.

I said something to my parents. They didn’t believe me. But they said something to his parents anyway, fortunately. His parents called the police. They caught the guy.

My friend was angry with me over the loss of all of the cool stuff. I don’t think the guy had gotten to the point where he was actively molesting them. So my friend saw it as a loss of fun activities and free stuff. He had to see a counselor, and all of the boys could not see each other. I think some of the families moved.

He never forgave me. I’d do it again. I’ve lost other friends because I saw something, and said something.

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